4: Vulgarity Comes in Threes (or Fours)

Join the guys this week (or don’t if you can’t handle lots of sexy talk) to hear Will’s erotic story, titled ‘The Ballad of Joe and Ollie’. The articles discussed this week are—totally by coincidence—also sex-themed. Lucky you. Tune in for a filthy episode if you dare, and give us a rating, subscribe, and tell your friends about us. Will will love you for it.

Bath Spa We Go Hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fae2mjWWw0I

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3: My Friends Wrote A Porno

For the third episode of ‘That’s So Hadden’, as an homage to the brilliant ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ podcast, Joe, Ollie and Connor have all written erotic stories for Will, starring Will. And you get to listen to these literary gems read by the protagonist. Lucky you. Caution: sexplicit content. Things are about to get filthy. Subscribe to be the first to hear new episodes and give us a rating to help us get new listeners.